Drag n’ Drop
Drag n’ Drop widgets to create interactive control dashboards. Use the dashboard creator to monitor remote data or control machines on the shop floor. Create custom widgets to represent your internal processes using the Widget Development Kit.

Dashboard Data Sources
Data sources can be external to the Remuv control system. The data dictionary application allows users to subscribe to data from external data interfaces like DDS, MQTT, REST, and many more. Once the data source has been defined, it can be visualized in a user defined dashboard.

Grace - Engineering Interfaces
Grace provides engineers with perspective to what their system is doing.
Engineers can monitor and record variables as they change within any running control app. The object inspector simplifies debugging and provides engineers with a tool to visualize system operation.
Controls engineers and system administrators can visualize state machines running within control apps programmed against the Remuv state machine API. This visualization interface displays the current state, possible transitions (future states), and a full history of every decision made by the control application.
Monitor and tune PID controllers to improve how accurately control applications achieve machine set points. All PID variables can be tuned for controllers created using the Remuv control API.
Description: System services and device connections are configured through a web based interface. Configuration items are inherited supporting a graph pattern, reducing the number of repetitive parameters.